Sunday, August 24, 2008

Lowlands Notebooks - Sunday etc

Lykke Li:

magnetic personality - eclectic music - tendency towards hit or miss -banging single



songs all either "bleeeeep or faaar away" (thank you Katie) - limp - bad


Sigur Rós:

quiet loud fairytale thing - not half as bowled over as my friends - most of the set ordinary - regular gig, not theatre set-up as Oxegen 2006 - highlights did hit the nordic sublime


The Roots:

sore neck from jerking it and trying to dance to rap - unused to this - virtuouso instrumentalists - guitar/bass solos for twelve hours - rap as part of the music, not over the music - ultimate fun - genius festival closer



Gardenhead said...

love the haiku like reviews Karl. You are the Ernest Hemingway of bloggers with your economical yet powerfully descriptive style. *pop* that's my head safely removed from your ass.

Karl said...

Actually, they were meant to just be notes for actual reviews, but between Analogue pieces, work and needing to sleep sometimes, I decided to plump for this.

Wish I was the Ernest Hemingway of Bloggers, I love Ernest Hemingway.