Thursday, August 14, 2008

Get Low

In Amsterdam now, about to get the train out to the world's largest artificial island for Lowlands. Last year's line-up (LCD Soundsystem, Arcade Fire, Battles, Sonic Youth, Interpol at marquee level alone) was exceptional, and there aren't really any bands I'm truly pranging to see, but I'm sure I'll find some way to keep busy. For example:

Flaming Lips - widely acknowledged as an incredibly awesome mad freakout live experience. I haven't seen them before, so that's one thing I will definitely not miss due to being drunk, stoned or lost.
Heima/Sigur Ros - They're showing Heima on the huge screen, which is a perfect opportunity to flake. Or, if I'm arsed, I might actually go to see them. Quiet -> LOUD. A simple formula, but it's worked for them so far.
Hot Chip - There are all kinds of dance acts playing, but I'm not heavily into that kind of thing. I prefer the soft, knowing electronics of the Chip.
Holy Fuck - I also like the hard, grating electronics of the Fuck.
Iron & Wine - I had Woman King years ago. I still do, actually. Maybe this will be good.
Lykke Li - The hype choice.
Modeselektor - Have to dance sometime.
The Roots - Self-proclaimed greatest ever live hip hop band. Didn't know they were playing until just there.
There Will Be Blood - One of the best films ever made. Clashes with something good, but we'll see.

Things I Will Not Be Going To See:

The National - Not an old man, don't like dad rock.


Gardenhead said...

The NATIONAL!! DAD ROCK!! WHYYY I OUGHTA WHIP YOU ROUND THE HEAD WITH DEFINITELY MAYBE ON VINYL. I agree with you of course. Apparently Wayne Flaming Lips would prefer spend more of their current shows talking his unique blend of simplistic cliche than actually playing songs.

Karl said...

He does like to ask people to be friends a lot, but hits + sheets of liquid in the sky + ten minutes of confetti = success by my standards.