Sunday, August 24, 2008

Lowlands Notebooks - Saturday etc

50 Jaar Nederpop (Dutch pop retrospective, see here):

bim bam bom, House For Saaaaaaaaaaaale, Heideroosjes singer, fullest main stage ever, loads of fun

Los Campesinos:

Pete Dohertwee - nothing there - no gap between fun and good music


British Sea Power:

dull, soft focus, 4/4 rubbish



halfway between sloppy Sleater-Kinney and less self-absorbed Cat Power, even if they were there first. not very good.


Iron and Wine:

Vote For Pedro t-shirt brigade vs. my Dublin jersey - unfolding and uncertain - jam sensibilities - virtuoso drummer - Woman King opener - a little too spacey


No Age:

bedroom noise - attack! - youth abandon punk



mix mix mix - combining rhythms - Soulja Boy and Lil Wayne and Paper planes - Baltimore to bhangra





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