Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Stars are pretty much the epitome of a type of music I try to appreciate from the outside. Without listening to it. Like Metric, Tegan and Sara and various other Canadian or American bands who make music a little sweeter than my ears seem to be able to take, Stars seem a little too limp. However, I did love Stars for a while back when everyone used to love Stars, so I gave this gig a shot.

This actually happened about three weeks ago, so this summary will be so concise as to be pointless as a piece of pseudo-journalism. I'll give it in bullet-point form, because it's just for the record anyway.

  • The new songs are for the most part pretty fragile.
  • The crowd was big, and hoping for lots off Set Yourself On Fire.
  • Stars played plenty off Set Yourself On Fire.
  • They seemed really excited to play Dublin. Genuinely.
  • They stressed how amazing the gig was for them, and were very grateful.
  • If that's what amazing Stars gigs are like, I can only imagine how un-intense regular ones are.
All that said, they were tolerable. The hits were duly sung along to, and some of the new songs seem pretty good. I haven't been won back to the faith, but they're a decent enough band. I suppose. For the indie Will and Grace.


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