Wednesday, June 18, 2008

High White Deer

The ground's been covered by others already, and I've fallen into the bad habit of writing way too much about everything, so I'm going to do one sentence reviews of all the bands from the Future Days festival, which was a good night in general.

High Places - Their one good song was good, if just as muddy as everything else.
White Williams - Shite Williams
Deerhunter - I wanted to like them, but they did not grab me.
Dan Deacon - The best holiday entertainer ever, and my vote for world-wide funmaker.
Jape - Tried bit hard at the start, before busting out the perennially great Floating and sliding easily and brilliantly to the finishing line.



Gardenhead said...

don't let the guy who commented on my review over there on Analogue read this Karl!! He doesn't like lazy reviewers.

Adam said...

7 songs tag blog thingy. Check my blog for deets.I'm tagging you.

Gardenhead said...

The guided by voices thing has begun. God have mercy one me. My life as a human being is over.