Sunday, April 27, 2008

No More Pocket Combs

Singing along to Why? is like reading along to a short story. Nobody told that to pockets of devout fans in Andrew's Lane last night though. While it's a little awkward to see people pumping fists and shouting "I'LL SUCK THE MARROW OUT AND RAPE YOUR HOLLOW BONES YONI!" in any situation, never mind at a gig, the rock show contingent made things a little exciting if nothign else. It took Yoni about six songs to break out of his ultra-serious face, but once he acknowledged the several hundred people working themselves into a frenzy in front of him, the whole thing took on a sort of a personal colour.

Apart from the energy of the room, the gig itself was surprisingly excellent. I was expecting something much more lo-fi and... white-boy hip hop. It wasn't like that at all, for better or for worse. They stuck mostly to Alopecia and played all the prominent songs from it. A Sky For Shoeing Horses Under was particularly impressive for Josiah's ability to play breakneck vibraphone and drums at the same time. The Vowels allowed a bit of bobbing and was probably a highlight, though I have to say that they're such a tight live band that the best songs on the night were just the best songs from the albums.

Which would mean Gemini obviously, being the aural proof that MOR can be good if it has great lyrics. Catching unconnected sentences of those great lyrics was the best part about seeing Why?. Even though the hair-cutted masses did their best to half-rap along, Why? is in essence the stream of consciousness of one guy from Cincinnati. It's immune to outside circumstances, because it's so self-absorbed. It's like a diary. That's why he's so good.

They promised to come back soon, like everyone does. I'll practice my words and my fist-pumping in the interim. I'll definitely be there though, because this was deadly.



Ian said...

October probably.

As in that's when they'll most likely be back.

Great gig. I wondered to a friend of mine before the gig what the etiquette for these things is. Does one rap along or not? Is it acceptable.

Maybe just for the catchy bits? "Cheeree-i, Cheerr-e" etc?

Was a little disappointed that they didn't play "fatalist palmestry", A.K.A. the best fucking song I've heard all year. They even soundchecked it and Yoni thought it sounded fine but apparently Doug, who decides on the setlists doesn't enjoy playing it much as he has to do keys and guitar on it.

Ian said...

By the way, that picture of Yoni. That picture of Annie beside it.

Seperated at birth.

Karl said...

Woah I had never noticed. That's mad. I wish I had taken a picture of real-life Yoni. I had a good run on non-Googled pictures there.

As for etiquette, I think choruses are alright, but it's a bit weird otherwise.

Gardenhead said...

Karl, ive tagged you in an incestuos blog game that started off today. you can see about it on my site. don't shoot me!