Monday, March 3, 2008

Tight Ends

A couple of weeks off and I'm feeling refreshed.

Reasons I'm back on the blog:
  • After this week, I have minimal college work to do for a while, so I will have time to post shite.
  • There are great turbulent swathes of brilliant gigs just over the horizon. I've got tickets for Xiu Xiu, Animal Collective and Radiohead only, but I would be surprised at myself if I didn't end up at least at Casiotone For The Painfully Alone, Holy Fuck, El Guincho, Why?, Sunset Rubdown and Stephen Malkmus between now and traipsing through Europe in July and August. Probably more too, depending on how quickly I get a job.
  • The whole righteous blogging thing seeped through to me from the Irish Blog Awards, which were admirably non-drawn out but could have done with Ham Sandwich and Dickie Rock doing a half-time show or something.
  • Darragh, who thinks the word cunt is too heavy to throw around, seems to actually like the blog, which makes about six people - the official point where I can claim to have an audience.
  • It's mostly just boredom though, the same reason I do anything.
Fun things you can hope to see:
  • Maybe a mix-tape. It will be a physical tape, but obviously I will put it up in mp3 format, maybe with a picture of the tape.
  • Tá sé ar intinn agam beagáinín blagadóireacht a dhéanamh trí Ghaeilge. Cén dochar a dheanfadh sé?
  • An ongoing lack of anything substantial other than me talking about gigs I was at.
As an aside, I think I accidentally told Aoife McIndie Hour that my blog was HiFi Popcorn last night, because I am an idiot. Aoife Mc, and Bobby, if you read this, I'm sorry and I have no explanation. It didn't even strike me until about twelve hours later that I'd done it. It's possibly the weirdest thing I've ever done. Tourettesy, even.

If I imagined saying that, then I'm even more weird. It's getting hard to separate dreams and reality.


aoife mc said...

Hey Goose
How funny! If you did do that, I totally don't remember. Most of the night is a blackout after 9pm, I'd started boozing early at the ladies' tea party, so no harm done!! I'm sure Bobby wouldn't mind anyway :)
Good to meet you (although I'm sorry that I can't remember!)

Gardenhead said...

You're some cunt! yikes.

Bobby said...