Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Blue Lights All Around!

Support band had a French name and sounded exactly the same as Daft Punk. They had a song called "We Don't Speak French" which would only have been funny if they weren't so clearly derivative.

Of Montreal came next. Straight out of Athens, GA, and fresh from a delicious sell-out to T-Mobile and various "commercials" in America, they indie-kids-can-dance'd their way across the Button Factory stage for their second Dublin date on the Hissing Fauna... tour. They played Crawdaddy earlier on in the year, and I thought it was brilliant. My friends didn't though. Maybe I was glazen-eyed with fanboydom. Because, as I've alluded to before on this blog, I came to the conclusion on the long walk from Stephen's Green corner to Tripod one day that Of Montreal are my favourite band.

After that gig I got my copy of Hissing Fauna... signed by everyone in the band, I talked to Kevin for a little while about his lyrics and I shook the glitter out of my hair. I definitely had one of those bleary experiences. TBMC had to live up to that.

To be honest, it was about equal, or maybe a little worse. They avoided the usual problem of bands who visit the same place twice on the one tour by playing a very different set, with a LOT of stuff off older albums than Hissing Fauna... and this was good. Four off Satanic Panic In The Attic, which was the first Of Montreal album I ever got way back in whatever year, 2003 or 4 or something. And four (I think) off Sunlandic Twins, which is almost the equal of Hissing Fauna...

He wore absurd clothes. BP Helium was dressed as Bowie instead of Eno. But the strange stage dance guys with the glitter weren't there, and the spectacle was a little lessened. It was a good gig, not a great gig, as Eamon Dunphy might say, and even the look on the pointless bouncer's face as Kevin danced in fishnets to Gronlandic Edit couldn't bring back the kind of furore I got at Crawdaddy.


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