Sunday, September 30, 2007

Ten Past Seven

Ten Past Seven are the kind of band I hadn't realised Ireland was capable of producing. They're from Kerry but they're based in Cork, and they sound like a million directions at a million speeds. I wandered in to see them at 10 o'clock in Crawdaddy after the disappointment of pretty much missing Super Extra Bonus Party through sloppy timekeeping. There was a respectable crowd, and once 7.10 got going, it got very difficult to imagine being anywhere else, seeing any other band at that particular time. They land somewhere between Battles and Lightning Bolt to my ear, though I don't have a lot of reference points when it comes to progressive time-signature bingo riffing, and they have a convenient knack of making everything else seem a bit normal. Feeling more adventurous and spurred on by a particularly fast and crashy bout of riffing in an absurd time signature, I ventured some head nodding. I regretted it quickly, as Ten Past Seven subconsciously sensed me trying to catch the beat and changed it completely to throw me and everyone else off. A resounding success, all in all, and the best act of the Friday.


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Analogue said...

yeah that was a pretty mental gig alright. Caught the first 3 or so songs but then my ears started to hurt.